Kent election results 2015: ALL the results from ALL Kent constituencies

PUBLISHED: 11:37 08 May 2015 | UPDATED: 11:37 08 May 2015

South Thanet count

South Thanet count

Ady Kerry

The results are in - click on your constituency result for FULL breakdown of votes

Thanet South counters take a break at the Winter Gardens, Margate, Kent, 8th May 2015.Thanet South counters take a break at the Winter Gardens, Margate, Kent, 8th May 2015.

We’ve been reporting live through the night, posting election results from across the county and extended coverage of the battle in South Thanet.


Prophet Zebadiah Thanet South count at the Winter Gardens, Margate, Kent, 8th May 2015.Prophet Zebadiah Thanet South count at the Winter Gardens, Margate, Kent, 8th May 2015.


Ukip leader confirms he has resigned as leader - but not ruled out coming back again as leader when a leadership election takes place in the he may be back...


Al Murray at the Thanet South count at the Winter Gardens, Margate, Kent, 8th May 2015.Al Murray at the Thanet South count at the Winter Gardens, Margate, Kent, 8th May 2015.

Ukip leader Nigel Farage has said he would resign if he lost...and he just did. Conservative Craig Mackinlay has had a long wait after an all-night count. Labour’s Will Scobie lagged behind the winner by several thousand.


09.40am Following a marathon wait, Craig Mackinlay’s arrival is the surest sign yet that either North Thanet, or South Thanet are getting set to declare results. One of his campaigners told Kentnews earlier in the day that Mr Mackinlay was unlikely to arrive until close to the election result being announced. That means we are now left waiting for another big player, Ukip leader Nigel Farage. Craig Mackinlay appears to be getting support from some unlikely quarters too. Manston Airport campaigner, and parliamentary candidate for South Thanet, Ruth Bailey told Kentnews that she’s hoping he’ll win. She said that her campaign had been one to keep Manston Airport’s closure in the spotlight - something she feels she has achieved, even without a win.

09.36am After a lull in activity at South Thanet, Conservative candidate Craig Mackinlay strode in looking every bit like a man confident he’s won a seat in the House of Parliament. The Tory hopeful - a former ukip member - was remaining tight lipped though, remaining unwilling to talk to the dozens of assorted media gathered to greet his arrival. His activists were more bullish though, with one telling Kentnews they were convinced he ‘would walk it’ in the battle for the constituency.


Former Labour MP Paul Clark comfortably beaten by Rehman Chishti as Tories increase its vote


Popular Tracey Crouch romps to victory with comfortable win

08.18am The national picture looks bright for the Conservative party, which is on course to take a majority, albeit a narrow one. Sir Roger Gale, the Conservative Candidate for North Thanet told Kentnews that after seeing results come in from across the country, he was confident his constituency would follow that trend. Nationally another big name has fallen, with Labour’s shadow chancellor Ed Balls losing out in his Morley and Outwood constituency. Kelly Tolhurst beat Ukip’s Mark Reckless, taking 23,142 votes - just over 44 per cent of the vote.


Mark Reckless, who won the seat in Rochester and Strood after defecting to Ukip, forcing a by-election last November, has lost out to Tory candidate Kelly Tolhurst.

08.02am At South Thanet, most of the candidates who had turned up for the count have now left. Pub landlord Al Murray has left to grab a bit of shut eye while the Prophet Zebediah and his entourage have also left. The turnout was worse than expected, with around 69 per cent of voters turning out to the polls. People are talking Ukip’s chances up a bit more now though, with some commentators saying there could be a recount on the cards.


Gordon Henderson comfortable win despite nigh on 20 per cent rise is Ukip share of vote

07.37am Green candidate for Brighton Pavilion, Caroline Lucas has held her seat, with party leader Natalie Bennett talking of her pride to have led the party during the election. A number of Kent counts are still yet to declare, with north Thanet, south Thanet and Rochester and Strood key battlegrounds.

07.27am Labour candidate for South Thanet Will Scobie is keeping tight lipped about his expectations in this election, telling Kentnews he’s excited about the result, but that he isn’t going to start celebrating yet. He also took aim at the time it is taking to conduct the count, saying that other constituencies had managed to get their count done in far faster time, and it was hard to understand why South Thanet’s - now predicted to be declared closer to 11.30am - was taking so long. Nationally, it is reported that Ed Balls has asked for a recount after it is said he was trailing by around 200 votes. It looks likely that we’ll have a number of new leaders, with Ed Miliband, Nick Clegg and also potentially, Nigel farage, set to stand down.

06.38am Sir Roger Gale says he’s confident, but not taking anything for granted as the North Thanet count gets underway. The Conservative candidate told Kentnews that he thought that Ukip leader Nigel Farage would see his “political career finished after the count is declared.” Sir Roger also told Kentnews that he had no intention of retiring anytime soon, promising that as long as he was fit and healthy, he would continue contesting elections into the future. The turnout for Sir Roger’s constituency was lower than expected, with just over 66 per cent of voters turning out for to cast a vote.



06.10am Chief secretary to the treasury, and Chancellor George Osborne’s right hand man, Danny Alexander has been ousted from his seat of Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch and Strathspey. The Lib Dem loss was the SNP’s gain. It caps a terrible night for the party across the country, and one which has been worse even than the Labour Party’s results in Scotland. In South Thanet, the result keeps getting more distant, with the current estimated time for declaring around 10am. Voter turnout has been high, with inside sources saying that it is in the 70-80 per cent bracket. Unconfirmed rumours abound that David Cameron may travel to Kent today, to celebrate the party’s victories.



05.17am Rumour has it that Liberal Democrat Nick Clegg could be about to quit as leader of the party. It has been a terrible night for them, with some high profile names falling in a Lib Dem bloodbath.




04.16am The latest news on the count in South Thanet is that the result may be declared as late as 9am, with checks still taking place before the count begins proper. Chatting to senior Labour Party sources, they say that whatever the result, they are confident that Ukip leader Nigel Farage will not win. Labour’s Will Scobie - just 25-years-old - is fighting his first battle as a parliamentary candidate, and is still hopeful of a good result tonight.

03.58am The picture gets bleaker for the Liberal Democrat party nationally, as Ed Davey, the energy secretary loses his Kingston and Surbiton seat to the Conservatives. The party has taken a battering overnight, seeing its share of the vote slip considerably. In South Thanet, Ukip leader Nigel Farage is reportedly sleeping soundly at his hotel.


03.22am South Thanet isn’t the only count which looks as though it may take a while for the result to come in - Dartford was due to be announced at 4am but is now set to be declared at around 6am, Estimates for South Thanet to declare are currently around 7am, but that could still be pushed back further.


03.14am The national picture for Labour gets bleaker by the minute, with the party’s Scottish leader Jim Murphy losing out to the SNP in his former seat of Clarkston - that means two high profile Labour MPs have now been dismissed, with Alex Salmond calling it an ‘electoral Tsunami on a gigantic scale’.

03.09am Despite rumours that Nigel Farage - who is fighting to carry on as Ukip leader - might have lost in South Thanet, Ukip has had some success. While the party has not won a seat yet, they did shoot into second place in Castle Point with 13,000 odd votes in the seat.

02.48am Tories in South Thanet have been bullish about their chances, with one party source telling Kentnews he believed they would win ‘comfortably’. We won’t know for a while though, because the count is running well behind schedule. Nigel Farage meanwhile, has been spotted looking in ‘not too good a mood’ outside his hotel.

02.30am Labour campaign chief Douglas Alexander has lost his seat to the SNP. The 16,614 Labour majority in Paisley and Renfrewshire South was overturned by 20 year old Mhairi Black. She has a majority of 5,684.

02.13am Reports of an 80 per cent voter turnout in South Thanet would eclipse the last election’s turnout, which had a turnout of 65.3 per cent last time. Turnout is expected to be high in other parts of the county, with reports of strong polling in Gravesham.

02.05am Key Labour target seat, Nuneaton has been held by the Tories, who have managed to increase their majority. Polling had put Labour ahead in the seat, so the Tory majority rise from 2,069 to 4,882 will be a blow to Ed Miliband.

01.58am Nick Clegg’s official spokesman has said that the party has had a ‘bad night’, telling the BBC that the Liberal Democrat leader is disappointed. That feeling has been echoed by Lib Dem candidate in South Thanet, Russ Timpson, who looks downbeat about his party’s hopes. Big Lib Dems across the UK like Danny Alexander and Vince Cable are reportedly under real threat in their seats now - something which won’t fill Maidstone and the Weald candidate Jasper Gerrard with too much hope. He has been battling to take the seat from incumbent MP, Helen Grant.

01.30am Rochester and Strood Conservative Party is said to be confident of taking the seat back from former Tory defector, Mark Reckless, who’s hoping to hold on after his by-election victory last November. Meanwhile, in South Thanet, Ukip leader Nigel Farage has arrived in Margate ready for the long wait until the results are announced. He is hoping to do better than last time he stood in the constituency in 2005, when he won just five per cent of the vote. Tory supporters of candidate Craig Mackinlay have said they are confident their man can beat him comfortably. One Conservative source told Kentnews that the exit polls he had carried out painted a big victory for the Conservatives in South Thanet. The count is also underway for North Thanet at the Margate Winter Gardens, with candidates arriving to find out their fate for the Tory stronghold which is currently represented by Sir Roger Gale. The result looks likely to go Sir Rogers way, with few doubting he will take the seat with a solid majority.

12.55am Fukp’s Al Murray has arrived, and was in buoyant spirits as he walked into the hall. He said his chances were as good as anyone else, telling Kentnews that “you’ve got to be in it to win it, and I’m in it.” He said that South Thanet was a ‘beautiful place’ and that it was at the heart of democracy tonight, with the world’s eyes upon it.

12.34am Voters are said to have been out in force throughout the day in South Thanet, with reported queues at polling stations as people tried to cast their votes. We won’t know what the voter turnout was like until after the count, but rumour has it that it was extremely high.

12.30am Nationally, rumours have circulated that Labour’s shadow chancellor, Ed Balls may lose his seat. The MP for Morley and Outwood downplayed the threat, saying that the seat has historically had a tight majority, but said that when people have predicted he’ll lose in the past, he has managed to win.

12.24am A senior Ukip official says that the result in South Thanet is likely to be tight, according to the Mirror. This, it is believed, may indicate a recount could be on the cards as Ukip’s Nigel Farage fights for his political career as the party leader.

12.15am Al Murray has not ARRIVED....yet....for the South Thanet count, but we are assured he will be here ‘imminently. However, the Reality party candidate Nigel Askew has arrived, along with the Prophet Zebediah. Tory sources have said that although it’s currently too close to call, their ‘voters turned out in force’ for them, giving strong support at the polls. All the ballot boxes have now arrived in South Thanet.

11.29pm Lib Dem Russ Timpson responded to rumours that he would do a deal during the election build up to tell his supporters to vote for Labour’s Will Scobie. He told kentnews that he would not have ‘wanted to let down people who supported’ him, and that he was confident Ukip leader Nigel Farage would not take the seat.

11.23pm Labour Party candidate Will Scobie has arrived at the count in South Thanet - he looks confident, and has been chatting and smiling with Lib Dem competition. Rumour is that the Pub Landlord Al Murray, for his Fukp Party has now arrived. One of his policies, which may prove popular with voters, is to lower the price of a pint to just 1 penny - something the guv’nor favours.

11.15pm Although the eyes of the nation will be on South Thanet because Ukip leader Nigel Farage is fighting for the seat, Kent has a number of other tasty electoral competitions. Tory party defector, Mark Reckless will be looking to retain his Ukip seat in Rochester and Strood against stiff opposition from Kelly Tolhurst who is standing for the Conservative Party. Meanwhile in Gillingham and Rainham, incumbent MP Rehman Chishti will clash against his former mentor, Paul Clark.

11.00pm Counters across the county are preparing to get underway in General Election 2015. In South Thanet the ballots are in, and the long night is set to begin.

10.34pm Rumour has it that South Thanet has seen a very high voter turnout during polling today. It’s uncertain who it could benefit, but it seems that people have been eager to cast their vote in this election, which has been billed as the ‘election of a lifetime’.

10.27pm The first national exit poll out has put the Conservative Party in the lead, taking a total of 316 seats. The poll sees Labour with 239 seats, the Liberal Democrats with a serious loss on 10, the SNP on 58 and UKIP on just two. That’s something which Lib Dems have been quite to counter, with Paddy Ashdown reportedly saying he’d ‘eat his hat’ if that were the case.

10.20pm The Lib Dem candidate seems to be bedding in for a long wait at his table in front of the raised stage where the election will be announced - the current estimated time of arrival for Ukip leader Nigel Farage is some six hours away at about 4am.

10.02pm Liberal Democrat Russ Timspon has arrived at South Thanet’s electoral count. He told Kentnews that he thought tonight “we will be saying good bye to Mr Farage.” However, he didn’t appear to rate his own chances saying that he thought Tory candidate Craig Mackinlay would win the seat.



  • Gareth Johnson (Con) 25,670
  • Simon Thomson (Lab) 13,325
  • Elizabeth Jones (Ukip) 10,434
  • Simon Beard (Lib Dem) 1,454
  • Andy Blatchford (Green) 1,324
  • Steve Uncles (Eng Dem) 211

Majority: 12,345


  • Adam Holloway (Con) 23,494
  • Tanmanjit Singh Dhesi (Lab) 15,114
  • Sean Marriott (Ukip) 9,306
  • Mark Lindop (Green) 1,124
  • Anne-Marie Bunting (Lib Dem) 1,111

Majority 8,830

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