Murder trial of immigrant found battered to death in Gravesend begins

PUBLISHED: 12:58 29 June 2011



A brutal fight at the end of a two-day drinking binge resulted in the death of a young Polish immigrant who sustained more than 60 injuries, a court has heard.

Artur Kozlowski, 31, of South Street, Gravesend, is accused of murdering 24-year-old Daniel Galkowski, who had been living in his apartment, in December.

He admits to causing the death of Galkowski but denies murder.

Appearing at Maidstone Court Court on Tuesday, the jury were shown video footage and heard extracts of the police interview on December 21, 2011, three days after Mr Galkowski’s body was found in the defendant’s flat.


A pathologist report from Dr Peter Jerreate found more than 60 injuries, both internal and external bruising, a broken nose, fractured ribs and brain haemorrhaging.

He also described bruising on the neck and blood found in the eyes which could indicate strangling.

Weeping and speaking through a translator, Mr Kozlowski, also from Poland, said: “We have been friends since we were 13. When he found out we were in Gravesend he said he would never find a better place to live than with us,”

The transcript of the police interview described how the pair had been drinking for two days and were swigging whiskey when an argument escalated into violence.

“I hit him a lot more than he hit me, I was aiming at his face ,” the transcript read.

He admitted kicking Mr Galkowski while he was on the floor and that the younger man was half his weight and weaker.

The court heard he went to bed and discovered his flat-mate the next morning.

The trial continues.

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