GALLERY: Take a look through a dramatic ‘rescue’ as crews pull bodies from mud in Greenhithe

PUBLISHED: 09:57 12 September 2016 | UPDATED: 09:57 12 September 2016

Operation Overboard in Greenhithe. Credit: KFRS

Operation Overboard in Greenhithe. Credit: KFRS


KFRS joins forces with the RNLI and Secamb

Firefighters got stuck in on Saturday as their skills were tested in muddy conditions near Greenhithe.

As part of their ‘Overboard’ training drill, crews rescued four ‘bodies’ after two of them became stuck in the mud near North Star Boulevard.

A spokesperson explained: “The scenario unfolds after two men rush into the mud to try to free their stricken dog, which run off the towpath, to chase a wading bird onto the mud.

“They quickly find themselves trapped up to their chests in mud and unable to get out.”

The exercise started 30 minutes later, when the supposed-casualties managed to make a 999 call.

Meanwhile two people in a small dinghy attempt to come to the trapped pair’s aid, but managed to capsize their boat, leaving both in the river.

Four fire engines, from Thames-side, Swanscombe, Ash-cum-Ridley and Larkfield’s specialist Water Safety Unit, were all part of the exercise.

The RNLI and Secamb also took part, to test the ability of the county’s joint-response teams.

Julian Light organised the exercise.

The Thames-side watch manager said: “In today’s world, interoperability and reliable communication is vital to enable all the agencies to coordinate an effective joint-response.

“The priority is always getting the best possible outcome for the casualties.

“This type of training tests our joint worker, making sure we know each others capabilities and what specialist skill and equipment we can bring to incidents.

“By sharing knowleddge, training and skills in a collaborative way, it will only benefit future rescues.”

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