Headteacher bans Christmas chatter at Gravesend primary school until December

PUBLISHED: 11:09 28 November 2013 | UPDATED: 11:09 28 November 2013

Pupils at a Gravesend school will be crossing the days off their calendar after their headteacher banned Christmas chatter until December.

The controversial rule at Whitehill Primary School, in Sun Lane, has caused quite the stir - but head, Jane Porter, says she “can’t understand” why people think she’s being such a Scrooge.

“It comes up every year in some way or another,” she explained. “It’s beyond me why people find it so ‘bah humbug’.

“We celebrate many festivals during the year, of which Christmas is one of them - but we celebrate it at the right time and in the right way.”

If students are caught talking about Father Christmas, Rudolph, or any of his reindeer they can lose their ‘golden time’ - reserved for pupils who obey the school’s golden rules.

Despite televisions flooded with Christmas adverts and copious town centre light switch-ons, Mrs Porter says none of her children have lost their ‘golden time’ because of festive chat.

She added: “If they have ‘golden time’ taken away, they will be sat quietly reflecting on the error of their ways.

“It would be the same if they were caught talking about David Beckham, Emmerdale or the fat boss of The Co-op Bank. That’s why we have improved so much as a school over the past six years.”

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