MyFC voice plans to tackle site no-shows

PUBLISHED: 18:20 17 September 2008 | UPDATED: 10:07 23 August 2010

MYFOOTBALLCLUB founder Will Brooks has admitted there s room for improvement as the website s own the club, pick the team concept nears its first birthday, writes Alex Leach. Brooks unveiled a retention strategy on Monday with the landmark date – Feb

MYFOOTBALLCLUB founder Will Brooks has admitted there's "room for improvement" as the website's 'own the club, pick the team' concept nears its first birthday, writes Alex Leach.

Brooks unveiled a retention strategy on Monday with the landmark date - February 19, 2008 - drawing ever closer, intent on getting 66 per cent of the current 31,000 subscriptions renewed for a second year.

However, with as many as 16,000 members absent from the MyFC site over the past two months, he believes the initiative's sustainability rests with connecting with the disaffected hordes once again.

"How's it going to go?" Brooks wrote in an open correspondence to the Fleet's MyFC subscribers. "This will, as everything does, boil down to cash. And to balance the books, we know we need to retain around two-thirds of our membership in year two or to have approximately 20,000 membership years purchased by 19/02/09.

"Perhaps we can surpass 20,000? The signs today are encouraging. In the last two months, over 15,000 members have spent time on the website. We need to keep these 15,000 engaged and re-engage the other 16,000."

A 5,000 shortfall is perhaps not insurmountable for Brooks' web team to muster over the next six months and he's promising extra add-ons to the online interaction.

"Second time around - next year - the experience will be there to do things better," he added. "And there'll be further improvement in year three and so on. The 'Calendar of Events' being compiled by members and the football club is evidence of this process already in action."

A pressing concern remains just where exactly more than half of the entire collective have gone and Brooks' reasoning revolves around the final choice of club to purchase among numerous other reasons.

"Perhaps there are 2,000 to 5,000 who thought we'd buy Leeds United or Nottingham Forest?" he explained. "This might explain why several thousands did not take part in the first major vote - to approve the purchase of EUFC."

Brooks plans to counter membership apathy with: a 'retention team' with an internal customer service tool, a posted letter, a three-month campaign charge and varying membership and payment options, involving membership 'extra' at an increased fee and month-to-month and/or one-off Direct Debit deposits.

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