Rolling Stones plaque in Dartford marking Jagger and Richards meeting to be replaced after Bill Wyman fury

PUBLISHED: 09:08 26 June 2015 | UPDATED: 10:39 26 June 2015

Rolling Stones

Rolling Stones

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Brian Jones formed the Stones, not Dartford duo, insists former Stones’ guitarist

Unveiling of the plaque at Dartford railway stationUnveiling of the plaque at Dartford railway station

A plaque erected at Dartford railway station to mark the place Mick Jagger and Keith Richards met, which led to the formation of the Rolling Stones, is to be changed after a complaint from them band’s former guitarist, Bill Wyman.

The blue marker was put up in February by Dartford Borough Council.

It reads: “Mick Jagger and Keith Richards met on platform 2 on 17 October 1961 and went on to form the Rolling Stones - one of the most successful rock bands of all time.”

But Mr Wyman, who quit the group in 1993, says it “disgusts” him and that the band was actually created by the late Brian Jones.

Bill WymanBill Wyman

Speaking on BBC Radio 5 Live, Wyman said: “Mick Jagger and Keith Richards didn’t create the Rolling Stones - they were part of The Rolling Stones like all of us.

“Brian Jones wanted to form a blues band and he enlisted each member one by one.

“He gave the name the Rolling Stones, he chose the music and he was the leader.”

Brian Jones drowned in the swimming pool of his home in East Sussex in 1969.

Jeremy Kite, leader of Dartford Borough Council, says the authority will ‘put it right’, and he’s ‘never upset a Rolling Stone before’.

He told KoS: “I don’t want the plaque to be a source of controversy - it is a celebration of that meeting between Mick Jagger and Keith Richards.

“Dartford Station is a very special place in that story - if they had taken a different route, or not started talking, history would have taken a very different course.”

In order to accurately portray Dartford’s role in the formation of the Rolling Stones, the plaque will be re-worded.

“We haven’t decided the exact words yet,” explains Cllr Kite. “But we will think about it very carefully. You could argue on the head on a pin the meaning of the words, but we are happy to word it in a way that makes everyone happy, so we will create a new plaque which makes it clear that this is where Mick met Keith and went on to be part of The Rolling Stones.”

Mr Jagger and Mr Richards had actually met before, when they both went to Wentworth Primary School but met up again on platform two of Dartford station, where they bonded over a love of the blues and formed a musical friendship that still endures.

“History is history and you shouldn’t mess around with it,” says Cllr Kite. “I have no complaint with him raising it or bringing it to our attention and now he has, we’ll change it.”

According to the council leader, it will not be an expensive job to replace the plaque.

He said: “We’re not expecting it to cost more than £200, and we are likely to find sponsors for it, so we won’t be passing that cost on to the tax payer.”

According to Mr Wyman, numerous fans are unhappy about the current wording on the plaque.

Cllr Kite says: “We have had nothing but praise for the plaque, it’s been very popular, except for one letter from a local, and Mr Wyman’s own comments.”

Rolling Stones fans should not have to wait too long for the new tribute.

“We are looking to replace it as soon as possible,” says Mr Kite. “We have accepted it needs to be changed, so we will get the ball rolling very quickly.”

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